10,000 Maniacs' "The Wishing Chair" L.P. will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year
(original release date - September 23, 1985). Since it seems apparent that the Maniacs
are not being given the remaster / bonus tracks / box set treatment that they so richly
deserve, I've decided to upload all of my 70+ live and rare 10,000 Maniacs recordings
during the coming weeks. Although many of these recordings will be re-seeds of previous
Dime torrents, a substantial number have never appeared on the Dime (and many others
haven't been shared since the Dime's previous incarnation as "easytree.org" circa 2005).


*2015 re-seed*

10,000 Maniacs
Reed's Common College
Portland, OR
April 19, 1986

Source: SB (or excellent aud?) > ? > cassette received in trade > Nero ROM > Cool Edit > CDR > FLAC
Sound quality: B+

Disc 1:
1. Maddox Table (starts out very "muddy" sounding)
2. Grey Victory
3. Just As the Tide Was a'Flowing
4. G Suspended (early "Poison in the Well")
5. Tension
6. Cotton Alley
7. Among the Americans
8. Can't Ignore the Train
9. Planned Obsolesence
10. Death of Manolette / bomb threat evacuation
11. Learning the Game (fragment) [ Buddy Holly ]
12. Back o' the Moon
13. Everyone a Puzzle Lover
14. Coldest Beer in Town (first performance)

Disc 2:
1. Lilydale
2. Wildwood Flower [ traditional / Carter Family ]
3. Ring of Fire (fragment) [ June Carter ]
4. Scorpio Rising
5. Thompson's March
6. Angels of Stone
7. Pit Viper
8. Daktari / 1-A in the Army (fragment)
9. My Mother the War
10. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (fragment)
11. Wasn't Born to Follow [ Carole King ]
12. National Education Week
13. Pour de Chirico
14. See What the Boys in the Backroom Will Have (fragment) [ Marlene Dietrich ]
15. Arbor Day

This is one of my favorite 10,000 Maniacs performances. I believe that this recording was taken from the soundboard, but over
the course of many generations it has lost some of its original clarity. Nevertheless, it's essential for any Maniacs fan -
this show really has it all. There are unreleased songs (including the premier of "John's Bluegrass Song", aka "Coldest Beer
in Town"), rare cover versions, and even a bomb threat evacuation!

Please take a moment to listen to the sample of "Wasn't Born to Follow". Robert Buck's guitar solo is amazing, not necessarily
in terms of its technical quality (although it's quite good) but in terms of the joy that it brings to the song. In my opinion
Robert was very much the equal of my other two favorite guitarists, the Edge and Peter Buck. Every time I hear this song I'm
reminded of the tremendous void created by his death.

I would love an upgrade of this recording, so if anyone has a lower-generation copy then by all means please share it!