*The Wishing Chair Anniversary flood is coming to an end!*

I'm in the process of uploading a few additional recordings
that weren't in my collection when I began uploading
the "flood". Three recordings were generously provided
by fellow Dime member "cre001", and two more were obtained
from another site.

10,000 Maniacs
University of Leicester
Leicester, England
November 9, 1987

Source: this is a soundboard recording, graciously sent to me by fellow Dime member "cre001". Per his description:

"Cassette Transferred using a Yamaha KX-480 tape deck. Dolby off and playtrim at the neutral position.
The transfer was direct into Audacity using the internal 16 bit audio card. Recorded as 32/96 into Audacity and then
exported as 16/44 flac. No processing such as normalising or splitting performed."

Additional source notes: "Cre001" provided this recording to me as one long file, transferred to me losslessly. I then
used Audacity to separate the recording into individual tracks, and then converted the files to FLAC using Trader's Little

Sound quality: A-


1. Hey Jack Kerouac
2. Maddox Table
3. A Campfire Song
4. Planned Obsolescence
5. Gun Shy
6. Just As the Tide Was a'Flowing
7. Can't Ignore the Train
8. City of Angels
9. Like the Weather
10. What's the Matter Here?
11. Don't Talk
12. My Sister Rose
13. Cherry Tree
14. Verdi Cries
15. My Mother the War


First and foremost, all credit for this upload goes to fellow Dime member "cre001", who graciously contacted me and offered
to send his copy of two live shows that he had purchased at a U.K. record fair in the late 1980s (photos included). His
detailed transfer information is listed under "source", above. It's also worth mentioning that cre001's audio expertise
greatly outstrips my own, and I appreciate his high-quality transfer and thorough source notes.

This particular show was unidentified, aside from "November 1987". However, due to the avalanche of 10,000 Maniacs information
provided by Dime member "PaleSun" (who has enough Maniacs info. to fill a small book), I was able to identify
this show as being from Leicester on November 9. It's from the soundboard (not FM), and though it's certainly several
generations from the master source, it still sounds great. That being said, it's clear that some edits have been made
between songs, probably just to eliminate longer stretches of audience noise.

The Maniacs only played 6 shows on this short November 1987 tour of the U.K., and they seem to have made some interesting
song choices (at least based on the two shows provided by cre001). Of greatest significance, this show includes a late-era
version of "Just As the Tide Was a'Flowing", which was played very infrequently after the end of the "Wishing Chair" tour.

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

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