*The Wishing Chair Anniversary flood is coming to an end!*

I'm in the process of uploading a few additional recordings
that weren't in my collection when I began uploading
the "flood". Three recordings were generously provided
by fellow Dime member "cre001", and two more were obtained
from another site.

10,000 Maniacs
BBC Radio
Richard Skinner Session
May 19, 1989

Source: this is an FM recording, graciously sent to me by fellow Dime member "cre001". Per his description:

"The source was my own original recording from the FM broadcast using a roof top aerial and a Sanyo Betamax VTC-M40
hifi video recorder onto a TDK Extra Hi Grade L750 tape. I am not sure which tuner I was using at the time but it was a
good quality hifi tuner. My recollection is playback and transfer was via the same video deck direct into my PC sound card
using Audacity and exported as 24/96 wav as sent to you."

Additional source notes: "Cre001" provided this recording to me as one long file, transferred to me losslessly. I then
used Audacity to separate the recording into individual tracks, convert them to 16/44 wav, and I then converted the files to
FLAC using Trader's Little Helper.

Sound quality: A+


1. Richard Skinner radio intro
2. What's the Matter Here (acoustic)
3. Richard Skinner intro. to "Eat For Two"
xx. Eat For Two (Natalie solo on piano) - not included, as it was officially released on the "Eat For Two" 10" single
5. Richard Skinner intro. / Dust Bowl


First and foremost, all credit for this upload goes to fellow Dime member "cre001", who graciously contacted me and offered
to send his master recording of this BBC radio session. His detailed transfer information is listed under "source", above.
It's also worth mentioning that cre001's audio expertise greatly exceeds my own, and I appreciate his high-quality transfer
and thorough source notes.

This radio session features Natalie, Rob Buck, and guest Julia Palmer on cello. Unfortunately, Natalie's solo piano version
of "Eat For Two" needed to be removed, as it had been officially released on the limited edition "Eat For Two" 10" single.