10,000 Maniacs
Music Hall
Houston, TX
August 31, 1989

A really great show from the Blind Man's Zoo Tour. Great sound with a very even mix. From the

cassette master. The band plays almost every song from Blind Man's Zoo and In My Tribe. While

going through this show, I was struck by what a great bass player Steve Gustafson was/is. Check

it out. Last two songs are Natalie at the piano.

Sony Mic>Sony WM-D6T>Protools (for level adjustment, eq, compression, noise reduction, track


Taped and Mastered by JB.

Please do not sell or convert to lossy format.

Disc 1 (49:25)

01. What's The Matter Here?
02. Eat For Two
03. A Campfire Song
04. Poison In The Well
05. Gun Shy
06. Please Forgive Us
07. The Lion's Share
08. Headstrong
09. City Of Angels
10. Dust Bowl
11. Trouble Me
12. You Happy Puppet

Disc 2 (49:32)

01. Like The Weather
02. Hey Jack Kerouac
03. Don't Talk
04. Hello In There (John Prine)
05. Cherry Tree
06. The Painted Desert

Encore 1
07. My Sister Rose
08. Dallas (Jimmie Dale Gilmore - part)
09. Cotton Alley
10. Hateful Hate

Encore 2

11. Jubilee (part)
12. Verdi Cries