10,000 Maniacs' "The Wishing Chair" L.P. will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year
(original release date - September 23, 1985). Since it seems apparent that the Maniacs
are not being given the remaster / bonus tracks / box set treatment that they so richly
deserve, I've decided to upload all of my 70+ live and rare 10,000 Maniacs recordings
during the coming weeks. Although many of these recordings will be re-seeds of previous
Dime torrents, a substantial number have never appeared on the Dime (and many others
haven't been shared since the Dime's previous incarnation as "easytree.org" circa 2005).


10,000 Maniacs
Ashford Hollow, NY

Source: audience recording > ? > cassette received in trade > recorded to hard drive > CoolEdit
(track separation) > burned to CD > tracks extracted using iTunes > Trader's Little Helper >

Sound quality: A-


1. intro.
2. Don't Call Us
3. Maddox Table
4. Eat For Two
5. Don't Talk
6. Poison in the Well
7. Hey Jack Kerouac
8. Hateful Hate (spoken)
9. Hello in There
10. Cotton Alley
11. My Sister Rose
12. Daktari


I don't have many details about this particular recording. During the summer and fall of 1991, the band played multiple
small concerts throughout Western New York, and it often seemed as if they were just performing for the fun of it. I believe
that video of this concert exists, and if I'm remembering correctly they played outdoors in a relatively informal park

No new "Eden"-era songs were performed in this set, but "Don't Call Us" and "Daktari" made a welcome return (although Rob
Buck is a mess on "Daktari").