*2015 re-seed, expanded with additional studio material*

10,000 Maniacs
Our Time In Eden tour rehearsals
Unknown studio, Somewhere in NY state (maybe Bearsville?)
March 30, 1992

Source for most tracks, 01-25: "WaxlyMolding" remaster re-seed:
SBD >? > CDR > EAC > Wavemerge > Remastering w/AA and SF8 > CDWAV >FLAC

Source for additional rehearsal tracks (marked as **), added to 2015 upload, and bonus
studio sessions (tracks 26-28):
SB > ? > CD received in trade > extracted via iTunes > FLAC via TLH

01. //These Are Days (instrumental - fades in)
02. Few and Far Between
03. Hey Jack Kerouac
04. Eat For Two (partial) **
05. Eat For Two (partial) **
06. Eat For Two
07. I'm Not The Man
08. If You Intend (fragment - mainly piano) **
09. If You Intend (fragment - piano with drums and guitar) **
10. If You Intend (multiple fragments - full band and some vocals) **
11. If You Intend (multiple fragments - full band and some vocals) **
12. If You Intend (fragment - full band and some vocals) **
13. If You Intend (fragment - full band and some vocals) **
14. If You Intend (fragment - full band and some vocals and Natalie laughing) **
15. //Noah's Dove
16. Eden
17. Jezebel
18. What's The Matter Here?
19. Stockton Gala Days
20. Candy Everybody Wants
21. Like The Weather
22. How You've Grown
23. Trouble Me
24. Circle Dream
25. Tolerance

Bonus tracks: unreleased studio sessions (new to 2015 upload)

26. These Are Days (opening section only, from "Our Time In Eden" rough mix, likely April/May 1992) **
27. To Sir With Love (b-side recording session, Fort Apache Studios, Boston, November 1992) **
28. Jolene (b-side recording session, Fort Apache Studios, Boston, November 1992) **

Description (March 1992 rehearsal)

This is largely a re-seed of WaxlyMolding's excellent remaster from several years ago. For the sake of providing the
most complete version of this rehearsal, I've added several (relatively non-essential) tracks from a different source.
These additional tracks are all marked with two asterisks (**), and are limited to two fragmentary performances of
"Eat For Two" and multiple attempts at writing / learning "If You Intend".

Unfortunately very few of the Maniacs' excellent Spring 1992 shows were recorded, but luckily this rehearsal documents
the "in-progress" versions of many future "Our Time in Eden" songs. I saw the band play at Cornell University less
than two weeks after this rehearsal, and I can recall "These Are Days" and "I'm Not the Man" being played as instrumentals,
as they are during these rehearsals. "Tolerance" is also played as an instrumental in this set, but if they played it
at the Cornell show it didn't make much of an impression on me - I don't recall hearing it.

Description (bonus studio sessions)

In the late 1990s, I traded for a copy of a CD labeled "Our Time In Eden - rough mixes". The "rough mixes" all sounded
exactly the same as those on the commercially released album, with the exception of the beginning of "These Are Days".
Interestingly, this version of "These Are Days" begins with a different opening section, which is similar to the
structure of the live instrumental versions of the song as perfomed on the Spring 1992 tour. For
the purposes of this upload, I have only included the different opening, as the remainder of the song is identical
(or nearly so) to the commercially released version, and as such is ineligible for upload here. In case you are curious,
the running order of the rough mixes CD was different than the officially released version - rough mix running order is
as follows: Gold Rush Brides / I'm Not the Man / If You Intend / Noah's Dove / Circle Dream / Jezebel / These Are Days /
Candy Everybody Wants / How You've Grown / Few and Far Between / Stockton Gala Days / "Our Time In Eden" (per the label,
rather than simply "Eden" as on the official release). "Tolerance" was nowhere to be found, and since it was still
being performed as an instrumental on the Spring 1992 tour, I assume that it was a last-minute addition to the album.

As for the November 1992 b-sides, these are entirely unreleased studio versions of two songs that were later released
as live tracks ("To Sir, With Love" live with Michael Stipe, and "Jolene" as a bonus track from the "Unplugged" session).
Other tracks from this set included the officially released cover versions of "Everyday is Like Sunday", "Sally Ann", and
"Don't Go Back to Rockville", none of which are included here for obvious reasons.