10,000 Maniacs' "The Wishing Chair" L.P. will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year
(original release date - September 23, 1985). Since it seems apparent that the Maniacs
are not being given the remaster / bonus tracks / box set treatment that they so richly
deserve, I've decided to upload all of my 70+ live and rare 10,000 Maniacs recordings
during the coming weeks. Although many of these recordings will be re-seeds of previous
Dime torrents, a substantial number have never appeared on the Dime (and many others
haven't been shared since the Dime's previous incarnation as "easytree.org" circa 2005).


*2015 re-seed*

Torrent: 180388
Title: 10,000 Maniacs - Richmond, VA 1993-06-27 (SBD, REMASTERED)
Size: 671.56 MB
Category: Dancefloor
Uploaded by: WaxlyMolding

I was going to burn this excellent show for my sister. But when I reviewed it before
burning, I discovered that the recording's levels were uneven and quite low. So...a
couple of weeks later, here's the result. I hope you like it. Comparison samples will
be posted.

10,000 Maniacs
June 27, 1993
Classic Amphitheatre, Strawberry Hill
Richmond, VA

Digital soundboard

SBD >? >DAT >DAT clone >.wav via S/PDIF and Midiman Dio 2448 digital soundcard >SoundForge 6.0 >CD Wave >FLAC Frontend (level 6, SBE OK)

**REMASTERED 2008, (see below): FLAC files > SF8 > CDWAV > FLAC 8**

01. Candy Everybody Wants
02. My Sister Rose
03. A Campfire Song
04. Cherry Tree
05. What's the Matter Here
06. Trouble Me
07. If You Intend
08. Eat For Two
09. Gold Rush Brides
10. Long Black Veil
11. City Of Angels
12. Don't Talk
13. Jezebel
14. These Are Days
15. Stage Chatter
16. Stockton Gala Days
17. I'm Beginning to See the Light
18. Hey Jack Kerouac
19. Few and Far Between
20. Noah's Dove
21. How You've Grown
22. Verdi Cries
23. Stage Chatter
24. Every Day is Like Sunday
25. Request Hour
26. Among the Americans
27. Drift Away
28. Eden
29. Like The Weather
30. The Art of Love
31. Band of Gold

Notes: Brief burst of diginoise in track 22, also a very brief dropout in the same track.
Otherwise, a perfect base recording with no hiss at all. Band is spot on and seems to be
enjoying themselves. Excellent recording with excellent playing.

Remastering: Channels balanced, and levels brought up and leveled out. Some EQ to bring
out the bass.

All remastering by terrapinstation 2008-01-20

Thanks to the original poster for this excellent show!