10,000 Maniacs' "The Wishing Chair" L.P. will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year
(original release date - September 23, 1985). Since it seems apparent that the Maniacs
are not being given the remaster / bonus tracks / box set treatment that they so richly
deserve, I've decided to upload all of my 70+ live and rare 10,000 Maniacs recordings
during the coming weeks. Although many of these recordings will be re-seeds of previous
Dime torrents, a substantial number have never appeared on the Dime (and many others
haven't been shared since the Dime's previous incarnation as "easytree.org" circa 2005).


10,000 Maniacs
Chautauqua Institute
Chautauqua, N.Y.
July 16, 2015
(featuring John Lombardo)
** final headlining show with Natalie **

Source: aud > ? > CD received in trade > extracted via iTunes > FLAC

Sound quality: B+


Disc 1:

01. Steve & Dennis intro.
02. I Know How to Do It
03. Candy Everybody Wants
04. My Sister Rose
05. If You Intend
06. Maddox Table
07. Cherry Tree
08. Like the Weather
09. Trouble Me
10. A Campfire Song
11. Eat For Two
12. Gold Rush Brides
13. What's the Matter Here?
14. City of Angels
15. Jezebel
16. These Are Days
17. Stockton Gala Days

Disc 2:

01. Happy Birthday to Rob Buck
02. Hey Jack Kerouac
03. Few and Far Between
04. Noah's Dove
05. Hallelujah (fragment)
06. How You've Grown
07. Verdi Cries
08. Jamestown, My Hometown
09. Suspicious Minds
10. unknown fragment
11. Natalie Speaks
12. To Sir, With Love
13. Jamestown, My Hometown
14. Cotton Alley (with John Lombardo)
15. Can't Ignore the Train (acapella fragment)
16. Can't Ignore the Train (with John Lombardo)
17. Just As the Tide Was a'Flowing (acapella fragment)
18. Among the Americans (with John Lombardo)
19. Arbor Day (abbreviated version - with John Lombardo)
20. Tension (with John Lombardo)


This is a recording of the final 10,000 Maniacs *headlining* show with Natalie in the band (the band's final performance with
Natalie was a true anticlimax - it was a non-headlining set at a radio station festival in NYC on July 28).

The encore of this show is almost entirely comprised of "Wishing Chair" songs, and John Lombardo joins the band for all of them.
A fitting end to the Natalie-era of the band.