10000 Maniacs
Bergen Park Benefit
Jamestown, New York

September 1, 1996

Lineage: Trade cdr>EAC>Flac Front End>Dime (but see below)

Smallest Step
Beyond The Blue
What's The Matter Here?
Green Children
You Won't Find Me There
Even With My Eyes Closed
Across The Fields
Stockton Gala Days
Clare's Scarf
Big Star
Candy Everybody Wants
Shining Light
Hey Jack Kerouac
These Are Days
Love Among The Ruins
The Earth Pressed Flat
Cherry Tree
Can't Ignore The Train

An excellent outdoor show with plenty of songs from the 2 post-Natalie cds. I received this show,
along with a few others, in a trade several years ago on Maxell discs and while they all still play,
none of them will allow EAC to extract the first track. So I used Nero Express 6 to save track 1 to
my hard drive and then converted them all into Flac. I've listened to the whole show through Foobar
and it sounds very nice indeed, so while this isn't an ideal way of doing things, hopefully anyone
who downloads this won't be too disappointed. And although there are a couple of sharp cuts between
tracks, no music seems to be lost.

Mary Ramsey: Vocals and Viola
Steven Gustafson: Bass
John Lombardo: Guitar
Robert Buck: Guitar
Jerome Augustyniak: Drums
Dennis Drew: Keyboards