10,000 Maniacs
Ram's Head Tavern
Annapolis, Maryland

***This torrent is incompatible with the CD-Audio standard.
The sound is in 24-bit stereo sampled at 44.1 kHz.***

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-2 (cardioid) > SP-SPSB-10 battery module > Edirol R09HR (24/44.1)
Two tables from stage, one table left of center; mics at ~ 4' high
SD > HDD > Nero Wave Editor/Audacity > Traders' Little Helper > 24 bit FLAC

Taped by: billfloyd
Transferred and Seeded by: billfloyd

Set List:
01 When We Walked On Clouds
02 What's The Matter Here?
03 I Don't Love You Too
04 Like The Weather
05 Gold
06 More Than This
07 Whippoorwill
08 Can't Ignore The Train
09 It's A Beautiful Life
10 Eden
11 Down Hill
12 Triangles
13 Stockton Gala Days
14 Because the Night
15 Rainy Day
16 Candy Everybody Wants
17 My Sister Rose
18 These Are Days
19 Just Like Heaven
20 Hey Jack Kerouac

Running Time: 1:53:34

It's hard to believe that Natalie Merchant left the band for a solo career twenty years ago.
Mary Ramsey sounds amazingly like her on vocals, and adds her fine violin playing. This show
is a mix of some of the Maniacs best known songs, and tracks from their new album, Music From
the Motion Picture (their first album in 14 years). As usual we had great seats, a respectful
crowd, and we got a nice recording.

Check out the sample and enjoy the show.

A Team FLOYDZ recording.
24-bit only, thank-you! Convert, downsample, redither or remaster only for your own use.
Please support these great artists when they come to your town- and pick up their new album.

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