101 Runners (with Monk Boudreaux and others)
Jazz & Heritage Stage
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
New Orleans Fair Grounds
New Orleans, La.
April 29, 2010

1 (instrumental) 5:23
2 Injuns Here Dey Come 7:53
3 Dive in that Gumbo 5:34
4 Shotgun Joe 9:26
5 Black Johnny 5:19
6 Go to the Mardi Gras 8:19
7 Hold 'em Joe 9:45
8 Lightning And Thunder > Shallow Water 3:09
9 Shallow Water (version 2) 2:30

Source: WWOZ-FM > Onkyo TX-SV535 receiver > Metric Halo MIO-2882 firewire interface > Macintosh MacMini (2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) > MIO Console (record panel) > (split stereo/dual mono files) > Logic Pro 7.2.3 (trimmed, bounced to stereo wav) > aiff/wav > Bias Peak (normalized by 0.5 db, dropout repaired, split into songs) > aiff/wav > xACT v1.71 (level 8 compression, sector boundaries repaired) > flac

mp3 source: wwoz.org 128kbps mp3 stream > StreamRipper (Windows) > captured mp3 stream > captured, unedited mp3 file transferred to my computer via ftp > Bias Peak (splice edited into main recording)

Editing notes:
* A 1.06-second splice from the mp3 streaming source was used to repair and replace a dropout of the same length in the FM broadcast at 9:37 into track 7.

Thanks to Jeff Sessone for the source file used for the splice.

101 Runners usual lineup:
Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, vocals
Chris Jones, congas
Ajay Mallery, bass drum
Tom Worrell, keyboards
War Chief Juan Pardo (of the Golden Comanches)
Ike Kinchen, percussion
Lionel Batiste Jr., bass drum
Cornell Williams, bass
June Yamagishi, guitar
Jimmy Carpenter, baritone sax
Boubacaar Cissikko, African drum