The gig was recorded on a Panasonic cassette recorder on a Maxell tape. There has been minimal audio tampering. There�s a tape flip in 'I�m Not In Love� and one channel of the mono recording was very hissy and significantly quieter than the other so I�ve copied the 'good� channel to left and right. Other than that I haven�t altered the EQ or applied any noise reduction.

Disc 1
Silly Love
Flying Junk
Baron Samedi
Old Wild Men
The Sacro-Iliac
Somewhere In Hollywood
The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
(Sabre Dance)
Une Nuit A Paris
I'm Not In Love (incl tape flip)

Disc 2
Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They?)
The Film Of My Love
The Worst Band In The World
Art For Art's Sake
The Wall Street Shuffle
Rubber Bullets

Note - During �Une Nuit A Paris� a technical fault knocks out half the PA, forcing the band to stop and restart. This accounts for a change in Volume during the piece. The band eventually stop and carry on towards the end of the song.

Originally recorded and Digitized by Zed Zeplo
Clean-Up by Rushbo