A great gig from Sheffield UK from the mighty 10CC. There are a couple of tape flips, but all the songs are present and correct as far as I can tell. No audio sweetening at all by me. this is as it was recorded.

Audience recording - first time digital transfer

A good, fun show - the first of their final UK tour with Godley and Creme. Weirdly, nothing from the debut album...

Track listing:
01 How Dare You! (Taped Intro) OMITTED

02 Lazy Ways
03 Art For Arts Sake
04 Rock �N� Roll Lullaby
05 Worst Band In The World
06 Second Sitting For The Last Supper
07 Old Wild Men
08 Iceberg
09 Don�t Hang Up
10 Head Room
11 The Sacro Iliac
12 I�m Mandy Fly Me
13 I Wanna Rule The World
14 The Wall Street Shuffle
15 I�m Not In Love
16 Une Nuit A Paris (Intro)
17 Une Nuit A Paris