Liverpool Empire Theatre
Liverpool UK
Delapsus Resurgam
How Dare You Tour
Audience Recording
Art For Art's Sake Enclosed
Quality B
Time:107 Minutes

Lineage Trade>HD>Audacity>Dime

Did a pitch correection,a couple of fades and that's about it.
Checked SBE's with Trader's Little Helper.

Lol Creme (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Gizmo,Bass on The Sacro-Iliac)
Eric Stewart (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard)
Kevin Godley (Vocals, Drums, Percussion)
Graham Gouldman (Bass, Vocals, Guitar)
Paul Burgess (Drums, Percussion/Keyboards)

One of my top 5 gigs ever,caught this tour in Newcastle and what a show it was.
Lol seemed to be having the time of his life,and the taped intro into One Night In Paris
had to be played again as he was cracking up doing a Bugs Bunny impression.
He also relished the manic dictator part in I Wanna Rule The World also.
I can quite clearly remember Kevin sitting at a table under an umbrella,
the phone rang,he picked it up and began to sing Don't Hang Up.
Chas and Dave supported,in their pre hit days..........Gertcha.

On this recording Lol seems to be having a lot of buzzing on his guitar,
in fact the band goes of for a break at one stage. Humdrum days indeed.
Cut on The Sacro-Iliac,it was around the 60 minute mark,maybe a tape flip.
A few talkers nearby but nothing drastic,nice to hear a recording from this tour.

Disc One

1.Art For Art's Sake
2.Silly Love
3.Lazy Ways
4.Rock'n'Roll Lullaby
5.The Worst Band In The World
6.The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
7.Old Wild Men
9.Don't Hang Up

Disc Two

1.Head Room
2.Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They)?
3.The Sacro-Iliac (cut)
4.I'm Mandy Fly Me
5.I Wanna Rule The World
6.The Wall Street Shuffle
7.I'm Not In Love
8.Une Nuit A Paris
9.Rubber Bullets

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