November 24, 1978 (1978-11-24)
The Palladium
New York City

Lineage: the Grape's Sony Pressman with built in microphone > 2 x Maxell UDC90 cassette master.
Transfer (grner1 - 2022-08-02): Nakamichi Dragon > Sound Devices MixPre-6 II @ 32bit (float) / 96kHz > Pro Tools (speed/pitch adjust, normalize, minor seamless fixes, tracking on sector boundaries and down-sampling - no EQ or noise reduction) > WAV files > xACT (tagged Flac level 8 files). Thanks to Professor Goody for help with the speed/pitch offset amount.

01 intro 0:59
02 Wall Street Shuffle 4:14
03 Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night 7:37
04 talk 0:26
05 Shock On The Tube (Don’t Want Love) 3:56
06 I’m Mandy Fly Me 5:56
07 Old Mister Time 5:54
08 Dreadlock Holiday 4:48
09 Art For Arts Sake 12:08 [tape flip at 11:34 of this track - pasted together as smoothly as possible]
10 talk 0:26
11 For You And I 5:32
12 talk 0:36
13 From Rochdale To Ocho Rios 4:03
14 Feel The Benefit 16:01
15 talk 0:21
16 Good Morning Judge 3:13
17 talk 0:45
18 Everything You Wanted To Know About!!! 5:08
19 talk 0:26
20 The Things We Do For Love 3:41
21 band intros and talk 1:54
22 I’m Not In Love 5:59
23 encore break 0:56
24 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper 5:01

Total time exactly 100 minutes

Graham Gouldman - bass, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Eric Stewart - lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
Rick Fenn - lead guitar, bass, vocals
Duncan Mackay - keyboards
Stuart Tosh - drums, acoustic guitar, vocals
Paul Burgess - drums

"Grape notes": The suggested 16/44.1 CD burn change point is between tracks 11 and 12. This is being shared in both 24/96 and 16/44.1 versions for those who may care about one or the other or both. Please support the artists and live venues any way that you can. Enjoy and SHARE!

Finally A review of this show:
10cc, the British rock group, gives a concert at the Palladium from the New York Times Sunday, November 26, 1978 issue by Jon Rockwell:
To judge by what is probably 10cc’s best-known American hit, “I’m Not In Love," the band is some sort of romanticized art-rock ensemble of the synthesizer sort. But from its other big hit here, “The Things We Do For Love”, a direct descendent of the Hollse, and the Beatles by way of Wings might seem more like it. To judge from the group’s Friday evening, appearance at the Palladium, the latter description is the more accurate. But not entirely accurate, since the band also engages in extended (if seemingly tightly shaped) instrumentals that build up to a real heat. "Power pop" might seem appropriate, except that this is an older and smarter group than most power poppers. 10cc’s tangled, history and prehistory, gives a clue. The group came together in 1972 as a quartet, but four years later split into two duos, and subsequently the dual remaining in 10cc added four more musicians (one of whom has since been replaced). The twosome left from 1972 had a history dating back to the mid 1960s when they enjoyed British hits as part of the Mindbenders. The result today is a practiced, well crafted bad that can work with some conviction in a remarkably wide range of styles. The leading figure today without question is Eric Stewart, who composes sings McCartneyesque lead vocals and plays guitar and keyboards. The other original 10cc’er is Graham Gouldman, the bass player, but nearly everyone switches off instruments at one time or another. Since the split 10cc has an enjoyed quite the sustained success, it's talents might ordain it for; Friday's house was not sold out, and Mr. Stewart sounded a little miffed about that (“I hope all three of you enjoyed the show”). Fashions change, and in Britain, especially the new wave is all the rage just now. But this remains a talented, pleasing group, and one imagines it will pop up again on top soon enough.

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