November 02, 2019
Chicago, Illinois
Cobra Lounge

----24bit version-----

sound professionals cmc8(w/low sensitivty modification>sp sbs 11@24/48>mic-in>r9>2gb memory card>pc>audition>cd wave>tlh flac>you

Audition was used to reduce a few clips, Nothing else has been done. Otherwise it is raw

1349 have always put on a good show in Chicago, and tonight was no exception. The Cobra is not a large venue, it holds around 150 people,
and tonight's show was sold out. Beers were drunk, and moshers moshed. The only complaint is the show was too short. Would have liked to see them do a couple more tracks, but what they
did was tear it up while they were out there. From the first chord, to the last note, it was a great show and everyone had a good time.

01) Cauldron
02) Through Eyes Of Stone
03) Sculptor Of Flesh
04) When I Was Flesh
05) Slaves
06) Enter Cold Void Dreaming
07) Riders Of The Apocalypse
08) Celestial Deconsruction
09) Necronatalenheten
10) Striding The Chasm
11) Golem
12) Dodskamp
13) Abyssos Antithesis

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