21 st Cenrury Schiziod Band - Ferrara,Italy 23.03.2003

master tape >CDR >wave(EAC) >flacf(8)

I got the CDR directly from the taper in a trade,so the source is like a master tape.
I have no infos about the equipment that was used or about the transfer from tape to CDR.
I rate it an excellent audience tape,listen to MP3 samples.
The Date can not be found in the official tour dates list,but you can hear before track 3
that Jakko speaks about the small club in Ferrara.All tracks are fade in/out in applause,
I think to fit it to one CD,no music is lost.

The band :

Peter Giles: Bass
Mel Collins: Sax,Flute, Keyboard
Ian Wallace: Drums, Vocals
Ian McDonald: Sax,Flute, Keyboard, Vocals
Jakko Jakszyk: Guitar, Flute, Vocals

Setlist :

01.A Man, A City 08:34
02.Cat Food 04:51
03.Let There Be Light 04:14
04.In The Court Of The Crimson King 08:07
05.Formentera Lady 11:38
06.The Sailor's Tale 07:16
07.Ladies Of The Road 07:07
08.I Talk To The Wind 06:44
09 Epitaph 08:26
10.21st Century Schizoid Man 11:30

flac fingerprints :