It don't get much better than this folks! Here is one of my best masters of some really great
progressive rock from 21st Century Schizoid Band. This is their performance from the Key
Club in West Hollywood, California April 29, 2004. For this gig I situated myself upstairs in
the balcony above most of the crowd, so there is very little ambient noise. The setlist is
absolutely incredible and the playing is superb! I would say I was maybe about 25 feet away
from the PA on the left side. I used just a little bit of high end EQ along with spreading
out the stereo field to compensate for being on the left side. The results are I think quite
impressive. The room acoustics are great!

21St Century Schizoid Band
The Key Club
West Hollywood, California
April 29, 2004
Recording : Ex

Sony PCM-M1 DAT/Core Sound Binaural mics/
Tascam CD-RW 5000/Sony PCV-J100 PC/
Sound Forge 4.5/CD Wave editor/Flac

Disc One 78:44
1. Intro
2. A Man, A City
3. Cat Food
4. Let There Be Light
5. Cirkus
6. Cadence And Cascade
7. The Court Of The Crimson King
8. Ladies Of The Road
9. Catley's Ashes
10. Formentera Lady
11. Sailor's Tale

Disc Two 45:25
1. I Talk To The Wind
2. Band Introductions
3. Epitaph
4. 21st Century Schizoid Man
5. Starless

Mel Collins : Baritone, Tenor and Alto Sax,
Flute, Keys and Vocal
Peter Giles : Bass and Vocal
Ian McDonald : Alto Sax, Flute, Keys,
Vocal and Percussion
Jakko Jakszyk : Vocal, Guitar, Flute and Keys
Ian Wallace : Drums and Vocal