38 Special 1981-08-23 Darmstadt, Stadion am Böllenfalltor, West-Germany (AUD-FLAC) GManOF Memories Series No. 132

GManOF Memories Series No. 132
Artist: 38 Special
Date: 23. August 1981, Sunday
City: Darmstadt
Venue: Stadion am Böllenfalltor
State: West-Germany, Hessen
Source: Audience
Taper: unknown
Gen: 2nd Gen
Length: 44:44
Transferred by GManOF, 2021

"The 4th Golden Summernight Concert"

unknown --> 2nd Gen. No Label (KCC Tape) Cassette 90 --> Yamaha KX-670 (Dolby Off, Play Trim +0) --> ESI U24 XL --> Adobe Audition 2020 (ASIO 2.0) --> WAV (44100 Hz, 2 Channels, 32-bit) --> Amplitude +6 db --> Splitting Tracks (Audacity WAV) --> FLAC (Level 8, 44100 Hz, 2 Channels, 16-bit)

"These files are SBE fixed !" But I recommend not to burn it on CD, save the planet, use your hard disk drives !

01. Intro
02. Turn It On
03. First Time Around
04. Stone Cold Believer
05. Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
06. Hold On Loosely
07. Around and Around
08. Rockin' Into the Night
09. Fortunate Son
10. I Been a Mover


Don Barnes – lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica
Donnie Van Zant – lead vocals, guitar
Steve Brookins – drums, percussion
Jeff Carlisi – guitar
Jack Grondin – drums, percussion
Larry Junstrom – bass, guitar

- Got this 2nd Gen. back in a trade in 1982.

- Don says ... how you doing Darmstadt ... before Stone Cold Believer.
- No Artwork !
- Tape Picture
- Fingerprint File
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