.38 Special- 1984/5/11
East Rutherford, NJ
The Meadowlands (now the Izod)

FM>Cassette>CD-R>WAV>Nero (track splits & minor fixes)>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC (LV6)>You

1. Back On the Track (beginning slightly missing)
2. Rough Housin'
3. Stone Cold Believer
4. Caught Up In You
5. One of the Lonely Ones
6. Chain Lightnin' (intro)
7. Chain Lightnin'
8. Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (cut towards the beginning)
9. Undercover Lover
10. Back Where You Belong.
11. Turn It On
12. If I'd Been the One
13. 20th Century Fox
14. Hold On Loosely

FM Recording. This tape has been slightly worn down after years of being played, but it's still listenable. I would rate it somewhere around B. The show starts with a few seconds missing of Back on the Track, nothing major. Wild-Eyed Southern Boys is missing a small section due to tape flip. I have no artwork, so any created will be awsome. Enjoy! This is one rockin' show!!