38 Special
Arena @ Gwinnett Center
Duluth, Ga.

Opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd

Master Audience Recording by Brian Emery

Set List:

Rockin' Into the Night
Twentieth Century Fox
Back Where You Belong
Wild Eyes Southern Boys
The Squeeze
If I'd Been the One
Rebel to Rebel
Fantasy Girl
Trooper With an Attitude
Medley: Back to Paradise
Somebody Like You
Teacher, Teacher
Rough Housin'
Stone Cold Believer
Like No Other Night
Second Chance
Caught Up in You
Chain Lightning
Hold on Loosely
Livin' in the USA
Travelin' Band

Artwork included courtesy of Steve Hendrix (Steve7711)

Lineage: CORESOUND HEB (DPA 4060)>Battery Box(Flat)>PCM-M1 (DAT)>RCD-W500C


Donnie Van Zant - Vocals
Don Barnes - Vocals, Guitars
Larry Junstrom - Bass Guitars
Danny Chauncey - Guitars
Bobby Capps - Keyboards, Vocals
Gary Moffatt - Drums

This recording is an uncirculated DAT Master. Transfer directly from DAT Master tape to CD (Dec. 2003)

Great set opening for Skynyrd, if you want to call it opening as they played an 80min. set and Skynyrd
was about 90min. I've always like 38 Special since the first time i saw them open for Rush in 1980. My
only complaint is they have been playing virtually the same set for the last ten years, mix it up guys!

This is upload #47 from my "Master tape Collection". I'm going to start uploading shows from
my 600+ masters which includes uncirculated recordings from 2003 thru the present. I've taped just
about every show i've gone too since 1986 so you can imagine i have a lot of masters to share. Most
of my recordings from 1986-2002 have been circulating as i used to do a lot of trading back in the day.
All uploads however will be new master tape transfers directly from the master tape to CD.


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