38 Special
recorded live at
Isleta Lakes Casino and Resort
Albuquerque, NM
Thursday, May 29, 2008
(opening act for the Charlie Daniels Band)

lineage: coresound binaurals (w/bass filter)->edirol R-09 (24/48)->usb->hard drive->audacity(raise levels/fades)->nero (48 to 44.1)->cdwave (track splits)->TLH (flac)

38 Special
Volunteer Jam

1. Rockiní into the Night
2. Twentieth Century Fox
3. Back Where You Belong
4. Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
5. If I'd Been The One
6. Help Somebody
7. Fantasy Girl
8. guitar solo/Trooper with an Attitude
9. Back to Paradise
10. Somebody like You
11. Teacher, Teacher
12. Rough-Housin'
13. Stone Cold Believer
14. Like No Other Night
15. Second Chance
16. Caught Up In You
17. Hold On Loosely
18. (unknown cover)/Traveling Band

** Tracks 9-15 are 1 long medley and only contain snippets of each song.

I think the soundman had these guys mixed pretty muddy. But thatís only my opinion.

PLEASE do not encode to any other formats (except for personal use/listening)
PLEASE also include a copy of this info sheet when trading
Distribute freely!

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