july 24, 2010
chicago ridge, illinois
freedom park
--on a rainy night--

sound professionals cmc8(w/low sensitivty modification>sp sbs 11@16>mic in>r9>2gb memory card>pc>adobe audition>cd wave>tlh flac>you

hard limiting was performed. the input was boosted by 6db overall with a maximum amplitude to -0.50. nothing else has been done.

the show was almost cancelled due to heavy rain fall. the covered stage had to be dried and a few more tarps had to be installed on the sides.
some equipment did get wet (a light pot and possibly one monitor) and the crew started moving a few pieces off the stage. people
started leaving the festival during the approximetly 1 hr delay. those that remained were treated to what seemed to be a shortened set.
the volume dips during a portion of track 11. the rain returned for a brief moment, so there was a quick retreat to one of the tents.
overall, the chatting is minimal. there are a couple of loud screams here and there, but nothing too distracting.

donnie van zant vocals/guitar
don barnes-guitar/vocals
danny chauncey-guitar
larry junstrom-bass
bobby capps-keys
gary moffatt-drums

01) intro
02) rockin into the night
03) twentieth century fox
04) back where you belong
05) wild-eyed southern boys
06) if id been the one
07) rebel to rebel
08) fantasy girl
09) guitar solo
10) trooper with an attitude
11) teacher teacher
12) second chance
13) caught up in you
14) chain lightning
15) hold on loosly
16) back in the usa/traveling band melody (chuck berry/ccr)