39 Clocks
Werkstatt Odem, Hannover, Germany
September - 18 - 1982

from MILAN collection # 028

Rec. Info:
1st gen aud cassette copied in the 80s / 1 st gen cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC -> DIME
Very good sound (some EQ). During the end of track 8 the left channel is almost failing.
The vocals are quite muffled and there's lots of (unwanted?) feedback. The breaks between songs are quite long and the audience is small and very reserved (almost disregarding the band).
Full concert with an additional radio interview at the end. I had to cut out 2 songs from their 2nd album "Subnarcotics" which were played during the interview.

The 39 clocks were one of the first German bands in the early 80's to revive the psychedelic/garage scene.
Even if they sound a bit like Velvet Undergound they always claimed bands like the Seeds or the Sonics to be their major inspiration.
Themselves they often entitled their music as "Psycho-Beat" or "Black And White Psychedelic". Maybe that comes quite close to what they were doing.
They performed dressed in black and wore shades and the drummer (The Phantom) even wore a black mask during the whole set. As mentioned by him
in the interview "the water is condensing under the mask already after the first 3 songs and I hit the drums only because I can remember here they are
but I get it only well when I reach the limits of my capabilities".
Of course the interview which was made in Berlin (Radio SFB) 3 days before the Hannover gig is in German.
The show is really nice and relaxed (especially the audience) but otherwise the songs come across quite intensively.

There's a nice article about the band in the net, link: http://www.highdive.de/musik/clocks/

Obviously they were never on dime before which is quite amazing.

I got 2 more shows from the band to be uploaded as well as a show from Exit Out, one of their successors.

FULL SHOW (43:55 min.) + Interview (6:20 min.)

01 Tuning/Banter
03 Heat Of Violence
04 DNS
05 Tuning/Banter
08 Shake The Hippy
10 Tuning/Banter
13 Psychotic Louie Louie (Richard Berry/39 Clocks)
14 Interview made by SFB on 15.09.1982

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39 Clocks 1982:
J�rgen �J.G.39� Gleue: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Christian �C.H.39� Henjes: Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Claudius �Das Phantom� Hempelmann : Drums

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