39 Clocks
Schwimmbad Musikclub, Heidelberg, Germany
March - 6 - 1983

from MILAN collection # 029

Rec. Info:
1st gen aud cassette copied in the 80s / 1 st gen cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC -> DIME
Good to very good sound (some EQ). Unfortunately there is some distortion in louder passages, mainly created by the bass. Audience noise calmed down
between songs.

This is the 2nd 39 Clocks upload and this time they are out of their hometown in lovely student and tourist city Heidelberg
Good and long show with some bnoise creations of the band between songs.
I'm not sure if Claudius Hempelmann or R�diger Klose was the drummer at this show, maybe somebody can clarify.

FULL SHOW (75:53 min.). Please help with setlist

01 Tuning/Banter
03 Three Floors Down
04 DNS
06 Noise Intermezzo
08 Shake The Hippy
09 Noise Intermezzo
10 Tuning/Banter
11 Heat Of Violence
15 Psychotic Louie Louie (Richard Berry/39 Clocks)
16 Tuning/Banter

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39 Clocks 1983:
J�rgen �J.G.39� Gleue: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Christian �C.H.39� Henjes: Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Claudius �Das Phantom� Hempelmann: Drums

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2013/06/13