3 Dog Night 2009-05-24Sun Wharf, OB,AL.
Source: MM-HLSC-2 "Sennheiser Driven" Cardioids
(FOB,DFC@ 8'>SP-SPSB-6(power, line in)>
Edirol R-09@24/48wav
Transfer: USB>Computer>16-bit
resample/dithered CEP(best quality)>
CDwav(tracking)>flac L8 >Traders Little Helper
sbeok check.Fades CEP. Entire show, seamless.
Tweaks: lite clip restore>amp, fades CEP@24bit.
Recorded, Tracked and Flac'ed by KooterB.
1 Disc::::::::::::::::::::::::::
1. Intro> Family Of Man
2. One Man Band
3. Black And White
4. Never Been To Spain
5. Shambala
6. Out In The Country
7. Easy To Be Hard
8. An Old Fashioned Love Song
9. Intro to LYHO...
10 Leave Your Hat On
11. One
12. intro to IAE...
13. It Ain't Easy
14. intro to HOB...
15. Heart Of Blues
16. Liar
17. band intros...
18 Sure As I'm Sittin' Here
19. Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
(with"Stayin Alive tease and rap
version of MTMNTC)
20. Celebrate
21. encore break...
22. Joy To The World