3 Dog Night
Boatstock 2013
Arnolds Park IA

3 Source IEM/AUD Matrix

Taper: Alzeppelin

Source 1: Tascam DR-2D with internal mics 16/44 > USB > harddrive

Source 2: Sennheiser EW300 Receiver (keyboard player feed) > M Audio Microtrack II 16/44 > USB > harddrive

Source 3: ICOM RX7 (guitarist's feed) > Tascam DR-05 16/44 > USB > harddrive


All sources synced and mixed in Adobe Audition. Vocals are a little low since they were extremely low in
each monitor feed but the mic source brought them up a little bit which helps. There are a few tiny
static spots but overall a nice clean mix.

Like I have stated before, if I see any of my sources being sold on Ebay or anywhere else I will stop torrenting them.


01. Intro
02. Family of Man
03. One Man Band
04. Black and White
05. Never Been To Spain
06. Shambala
07. Out In the Country
08. Easy To Be Hard
09. Old Fashioned Love Song
10. Leave Your Hat On
11. One
12. It Ain't Easy
13. Heart of Blues
14. Show Must Go On
15. Band Intros
16. Liar
17. Mama Part 1
18. Mama Part 2
19. Celebrate
20. Encore Break
21. Prayer For the Children
22. Joy to the World

* Converted to FLAC June 2013