40th Anniversary of The Summer of Love Concert
Speedway Meadow-Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, Ca

Well, it was a LONG day, lots of music, some very good,
some not-so-good, but it was a fitting event for
San Francisco, and its' psychadelic 60's roots.

I have edited out all but the music, as it would have been
aproximately 8 discs to get all of the stage chatter,
beat poets, MC's and political or other activist's speeches.
I didn't get the very 1st few artists, I arrived in-time
to get a slightly late start for "The Rowan Bros."

So, Here's who played:

1) Rowan Bros
2) Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
3) New Riders of The Purple Sage
4) The Charlatans
5) Manzarek,Wasserman,McClure,Lane et al

1) Barry Melton
2) Lester Chambers Band
3) Country Joe McDonald
4) Canned Heat
5) Taj Mahal

1) The Usual Suspects
2) Moby Grape
3) Bruce Barthol-->Jerry Miller Band
4) Jefferson Starship
5) Steve Miller and Friends

1) Squid B. Vicious
2) Alameda All-Stars
3) Terry Haggerty & Friends (W/Bobby Vega)
4) Lydia Pense and Cold Blood
5) Last part Jam, and Get Together


IT WAS LOUD in the Front of Board.
Sennheiser 441->Apogee MiniMe->
Fostex FR2 @44.1KHz/16Bit
FOB, approx 40 ft, just right of SBD.
recorded by elwood