50 Winters Later Commemorative Concert
Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa 2009-02-02

Note: When Bryan transferred this recording to CD he put it
on two discs as they were on separate DATs and he thought these
pieces would run over 80m. It *WILL* fit on one disc (79:12) but
I'm leaving the files named and numbered as-is for those who may
only want part of the recording. Also, I split off the long intros
from track 8 disc 1 and track 1 disc 2 so the track numbering in
the EAC log will be "off" accordingly.

(disc 1)
Dave Mason
1 We Just Disagree
2 Crying, Waiting, Hoping
3 Feelin' Alright

Graham Nash
4 Everyday, Happy Birthday
5 Think It Over
6 Rave On
7 Teach Your Children

J.P. Richardson Jr.
8 intro
9 White Lightnin'
10 Running Bear
11 Someone Watching Over You
12 Chantilly Lace

disc 2
Los Lobos
1 intro
2 Ooh My Head
3 That's My Little Suzie
4 Come On Let's Go
5 Are You Listenin' Lucky (Joe Ely w/Los Lobos)
6 Donna (Chris Montez w/Los Lobos)
7 Let's Dance (Chris Montez w/Los Lobos)
8 La Bamba (Los Lonely Boys, members of the Valenzuela family,
Buddy Holly's widow Maria Elena, etc. w/Los Lobos)

Sonic Studio DSM-6's> Sony M1 DAT
Transfer: DAT> standalone CD burner> EAC

Because of issues with his M1 and/or the recycled DATs he
was using, this is all there is. So no use in asking me to
post the Los Lonely Boys or other performers not included above.