Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY
May 27, 1999

16 bit version from the collection of Bigdaddybflo

Taper: Trucker Tom
Gear: DSM-6 > Sony D6
Transfer and mastering by }{eywood
Lineage: Maxell XLII 90 (M) > Optimus SCT-57 playback deck > plugin enhanced Adobe Audition 1.5 (recording at 24/96, speed correction, EQ, track splitting, limiting, conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (SBE fix, flac 8)

01 introductory dialogue
02 You Should Come Over
03 One Gun
04 Since When
05 Ocean Pearl
06 Baby Ran
07 Start Dressing
08 Music Man
09 Love You All

Many thanks to Trucker Tom for recording this and to Bigdaddybflo for allowing me access to his collection so that we may bring you all more quality shows from our area.