By Request: 60's Bands Reunion Concert Flood, Vol3:

Vanilla Fudge Live at the Westbury Music Fair 2004-07-17

This is Volume 3 of the 1960's Bands Reunion Concerts Flood.

Please note, a kind warning from yer friendly seeder: If you expect drippy psychedelic music from the Fudge in 2004, forget it! They played hard. Amazingly hard. Harder than you can imagine. They could have woken the dead kind of hard. The energy was as high as a band half their age, and that's understating it.

Um... They also did "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?". Some of you might remember that as a Rod Stewart number from the Disco era. Wassadisco??? Ask yer mother, but if she proceeds to do the bump with you and you are fourteen and she is 35 and still turning heads, I am not responsible!

Next: The Vanilla Fudge are pushing privately pressed live CD's on their tours. Those performances are digital soundboard, as well as being supported by the band (but, why are you at this site instead? OHHH, THAT reason! :) ). I would have liked to have told you that you could support the band by buying those online instead of sucking the freebie offered here, but for some odd reason their online store is all boarded up. What I can say, is if you like this show, contact the individual band members at, and find out how to order them, or better yet, buy a ticket to their shows and have them sign it for you in person!

Finally: Due to still unknown issues with the James Gang torrent, the first and last tracks were re-ported to WAV and sampled... I don't hear diginoise. If you do, please let me know. The recording is clear as a bell audience, by the way.


1.)I Can't Remember the Freakin' Title, But I Can Still Hum It!
2.)Take Me For a Little While
3.)People Get Ready
4.)"Hi Zakk!"
6.)Bass Solo
7.)Guitar Solo
8.)Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
9.)You Keep Me Hangin' On

Minidisc recorder ->Soundforge 6.0 ->cdr ->SHN

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