By Request: 60's Bands Reunion Concert Flood, Vol4:

Mountain Live at Lamour 1985-04-xx

This is Volume 4 of the 1960's Bands Reunion Concerts Flood.

This is one of the very first shows that Leslie West and Co did after he cleaned himself up. Mountain had been essentially out of business for many years due to Leslie's astounding drug and alcohol addictions. Fortunately for all of us, especially Mr. West himself, he was able to kick the habit and make a successful go of it in rehab. If you have seen Mountain more recently, it's tough to reconcile the (buff??) thinner appearance he has with the way he looked during, say, Woodstock. One thing is for sure, he snarls better than ever in concert!

This concert was a surprise, one-off gig that was broadcast as a live feed (possibly by WNEW FM)directly over the radio. All commercial material seems cut from the cassette I have. The tape is not a copy, it's directly from the radio. It may also not be the entire show, but it seems to be all that was broadcast.

A note of seeder's confusion:There were two L'amours in New York. L'amour in Brooklyn (which is still there), and L'amour East in Queens (not sure what it is now, but it's long gone). I do not know which L'amour it was, as there were several Mountain broadcasts. This was the first one. "Go For Your Life" (another "kick the habit" reference) had just been released, or was just going to be released. The year and month are absolutely correct, but the tape was not labeled until around month's end and no record was kept as to the exact day.

This is the best setlist I could compile, please provide corrections:

Track 1 & 2 ?/?
Track 3 Band Intros
Track 4 Theme From An Imaginary Western
Track 5 Hard Times
Track 6 The Spark
Track 7 Nantucket Sleighride
Track 8 ?
Track 9 Rocky Mountain Way (fabulous!)

As you can see, the setlist is a bit more unique than it is now.

As before, how many of these concerts are posted depends upon YOUR responses!

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