68 band.

john cipollina, steve kimock, mike wilheim, greg anton.

movie's soundtrack rehearsals, golden gate park,
san francisco, california, march 27th 1986.

1. announcement
2. instrumental 1
3. announcement
4. instrumental 2
5. instrumental 3

soundboard recording.

this is one of the best piece of instrumental west coast music
i ever heard in my life. those are the r. for the movie "68"
(the cover of the vhs is posted below), featuring neil young as
a motorcycle vendor, and in which you have a short but fantastic
live appearance of 68 band at the golden gate park. the camera
open on a john's guitar solo and you can see well wilheim and
the other guys for circa 2 minutes.

68 band.

john cipollina, nick gravenites, banana, martin fierro,
steve kimock, greg anton.

palace of fine arts, san francisco, california,
february 18th 1988.

6. 68 instrumental blues
7. riding with the king
8. drinkin' blues
9. get together
10. small walkin' box

really good audience recording with some minor drops
and some distortion in some points that does not bother
too much. so you know, please do not post the usual
boring comments about those flaws.

this is the only live appearance as 68 band and the
show is great and really rare, so it worths to be heard,
even if is it not perfect sounding.