6 String Drag
05-25-1995 the Brewery
Raleigh, NC

1st gen AUD recording -->Denon DRW-585 tape deck>
Soundmax digital audio card>Acoustica Spin It Again>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC

Nice show with one of the early versions of the band. Featuring a few songs that ended up
on High Hat a couple years later.

1. Ghost
2. Still Breathin'
3. Lack
4. Surely
5. Brasstown
6. Hand That Knocks Me Down
7. Nothin' You Ain't Seen (end cut)
8. South of Meridian (start cut)
9. (talk)
10. Cold Steel Brace
11. Gasoline Maybelline
12. She's A Hurricane

the lineup:
Kenny Roby - gtr, vox
Rob Keller - bass, vox
Ed Campbell - keyboards, mandolin
Glenn Cannon - electric gtr
Ray Duffey - drums