6 String Drag
1995-08-25 Spitoono Festival, Clemson SC

This is a very nice quality SBD of a short, but sweet early performance. Also included a couple
of demos of some cover songs.

1st gen Cassette SBD>Denon DRW-585 tape deck>
Soundmax digital audio card>Acoustica Spin It Again>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC

1. Lack
2. Still Breathin'
3. Rockin' Chair
4. Crooked Arrow
5. Worried Song
6. St. Cecilia
7. Surely
8. She's A Hurricane
plus demos:
9. Lorene (Louvin Brothers)
10. All My Loving (the Beatles)

Kenny Roby-vox, gtr
Rob Keller-bass, vox
Glenn Cannon-gtr
Mark Nimmons-drums
Tony Tidwell-lapsteel
Ed Campbell-keys, mandolin