6 String Drag
1997-09-13 the Brewery, Raleigh NC

Superb SBD recording, multitrack mixdown, recorded and mixed by Byron McCay
DAT master>Cassette master(sony HF60)>Denon DRW-585 tape deck>
Soundmax digital audio card>Acoustica Spin It Again>WAV>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC

10th anniversary post. Record release party for High Hat.
Fantastic performance, this is one of the better tapes and performances that i've seen from
this band

01. Cold Steel Brace
02. 85 on 85
03. Driven Man
04. Nothin' You Ain't Seen
05. Bottle of Blues
06. I Can't Remember
07. Blues Too Blue To Mention
08. When Things Was Cheap *
09. Ghost
10. I Feel Alright **
11. Loretta **
12. Over And Over
13. Red
14. Mendocino
15. (break)
16. Gasoline Maybelline
17. Top of the Mountain
18. I go Crazy

the Lineup:
Kenny Roby: vocals & guitar
Rob Keller: bass & vocals
William Tonks: guitar & vocals
Ray Duffey: drums
Scott Miller: guitar
Steve Grothman: sax
Dave Wright: trombone
Ed Campbell: mandolin
Steve Earle: backup vocals on *, guitar & lead vocals on **