75 Dollar Bill (Big Band)

March 24, 2022
'Big Ears Festival'
The Standard,
Knoxville, TN

Source: Schoeps MK4 cardioids (3rd row just left of center VIP) > N Box Platinum > Tascam Dr-2d (WAV16/48)

Recorded by TBG
Edited & Mastered (Adobe Audition) by Joe Noel
April 01, 2022

The Players
- Che Chen; guitar
- Rick Brown; drums

- any help with the setlist/players is greatly appreciated

- setlist -
01 [crowd - tuning]
02 75DollarBill.2022-03-24.t02
03 75DollarBill.2022-03-24.t03
04 75DollarBill.2022-03-24.t04
05 75DollarBill.2022-03-24.t05
run time; 58:40.584

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[J.Noel 28 April 2022]

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