7 Walkers
Mahalia Jackson Theater
New Orleans, LA

Source: AKG c460b/a60m/ck3(DIN)>Mini MP>HD-P2 @ 24/48
Location: DFC, approx. 15 rows in FOB @ 8' high
Transfer: CF Card>USB>HDD>Wavelab>CdWave>FLAC
Taper: jkbyram

**16 Bit**

01. Jam>
02. Deal
03. Death Don't Have No Mercy
04. Bottle Up And Go
05. Evangeline
06. ? (GP Jr. Sings)
07. New Orleans Crawl
08. Wharf Rat

Bill Kruetzmann-Drums
Papa Mali-Guitar, Vocals
George Porter Jr.-Bass, Vocals
Matt Hubbard-Keys

played before Govt Mule

-wavelab usd to resample/dither to 16 bit
-vocals are distant sounding
-i was not in a great location this night