Artist: 7 Walkers
Date: 9 October 2010
Location: Paia, Maui, Hawaii
Venue: Paia Gardens

Lineage: Audio Reality binaural mics > Sony MZ-RH1 (HiSP 256kbps) > Sonic Stage to PC/WAV > Cool Edit Pro (tracking & minor edit of crowd noise) > flac

Great show & great venue!
Paia Gardens is a large lawn area in the rear of a few boutique shops and homes in Paia, Maui. The venue sits directly on oceanfront. The rear of the lawn has a gate that steps down to the sand and water.

As a result, the venue is subject to the winds that blow through the area. You will hear those winds on occasion during the first part of this recording both in the stage mics and those used to record this show.

The band seemed to be having a very good time. The atmosphere was very loose and as the band played, they were facing the ocean and sunset.

During "Death Don't Have No Mercy, Matt Hubbard walked through the audience playing his trombone. That's the reason for the volume changes and the really loud part is when he was standing right next to me.

Enjoy the show - we sure did!.
Aloha from Maui.

Set 1
01 Tuning
02 I Know You Rider
03 Mr. Charlie
04 Do Your Thing
05 New Orleans Crawl
06 Sugaree
07 Banter/ ntro to Evangeline
08 Evangeline
09 Bottle Up and Go

Set 2
10 Tuning
11 Deal
12 Death Don't Have No Mercy
13 Little Sadie
14 Junco Partner
15 7 Walkers >
16 Lay My Burden Down
17 Lovelight

No Encore due to curfew