This is a bunch of ABC-TV 'In Concerts' that I had at the end of a few reels. I was always looking to full-up the end of reels with short segments and these usually fit well. The 2 Eagles segments are from one source the rest from another. The eagles sound excellent. The 2nd source had some FM signal noise but still sounds fine. I may have BT 1 or 2 of these before, just thought I would put a bunch together. They are broken out into individual folders. Down load what you need.

The Grass Roots are trying to sound like a 70's band. Not the Grass Roots I remember from the 60's. The John Kay song 'Moonshine' had some tape edge issues during playback...sorry..

I might have some of my song titles wrong. Please let me know!!

All of these are from WBCN Broadcasts

Eagles with Jackson Browne
California Jam

1. James Dean
2. ???
3. Midnight Flyer
4. Take It Easy

ABC-TV 'In Concert'
UCLA, California

1. Tequila Sunrise
2. Early Bird
3. Witchy Woman

Grass Roots
ABC-TV 'In Concert'

1. Temptation Eyes
2. My Midnight Confessions
3. ???

John Kay
ABC-TV 'In Concert'

1. Moonshine
2. Such an Easy Evil
3. I'm Movin' On

T. Rex
ABC-TV 'In Concert'

1. The Groover
2. Jeepster
3. ???


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