AI (Ger)
Burg Herzberg Festival
Breitenbach, Hessen
2015 July 31


Recording Info:

Audience-recording / Taper: rendel / Lineage: Soundman OKM RII>Zoom H2n>SD>Wav>Magix Music Cleaning Lab 15 Deluxe>CD-R>EAC>Flac>Dime / I arrived in time but too late for getting a good taping position / Recorded in the middle of the crowd in appr. 6 meters distance to the stage / Soundquality: enjoyable - check sample.


AI played on Friday, 31st July 2015, in the evening. The place in front of the Mentalstage was very crowded and the crowd dug their music very much. At the end, the crowd went crazy and one of the band said, there is no time left for playing more because they had spent too long for tuning as they usually did. They sold very many vinyls.


On Facebook they describe their style as "Kraut-influenced Electronics, Ambient, Drone & Post Post. I would say sort of "modern" psychedelic combining guitar with slight "technoid" drumming - but it was a real drumkit - and electronics. This kind of music was outstanding to the music which was played all over the festival. They played together with Damo Suzuki one or two years ago.


Frank Bauer, Matt Flores, Shunsuke Oshio & Andreas von Hillebrandt;

Shunsuke Oshio is a very young Japanese, I guess he is not older than 20. They live in D�sseldorf, Germany.

4 tracks, total running time 50:58 minutes, no setlist, I included a few pics too ...

Comments are very appreciated and would be very nice! Keep on sticking together! Enjoy!


Kraut-influenced Electronics, Ambient, Dr�ne, PostPost.

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