As listed in the Craig Juan Archives:

61 A J. MILLER BAND SANTA CRUZ 1-27-96 832
Got to Be a Change
Rock & Roll Honky Tonk Bar
Something Funky
In the Open
Now I See
Honky Tonk
61 B J. MILLER BAND SANTA CRUZ 1-27-96 832
Hold It
Back On the Road Again
Sick & Tired
Running the Train
Stormy Monday
Too Late

It is thanks to Bob and Connie Mosley, Craig Juan, and Bill Morse that I have the opportunity to share this recording.

For years, Craig Juan has been the Grape's unofficial archivist, being responsible for a reported 71 cassette tapes of live performances and/or studio demos and worktapes. He put these tapes in Bill Morse's hands and Bill began the task of converting them into digital wav files.

Bill then assembled a team of wav-cutters, including me, Jeff O'Dair, John Darsey, Steve Golden, Robert Wieser. and an anonymous one other. The wavs were then turned into flac files and that's how I present this to you, along with text, MD5 and FFP files.

Thanks to all of the above, and especially the Grape themselves:
Peter Lewis, Jerry Miller, Bob Mosley, Skip Spence (RIP), and Don Stevenson.

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