ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)
World Cafe Live
Philadelphia, PA
May 21, 2010

Excellent audience recording

**mp3 samples provided (as always) in the Comments section**

Here's yet another nice-sounding show that was sent to me "hot off the presses" by fellow DIME member imageman2005, who deserves a continuing round of thanks for his tireless recording (and sharing) efforts.

I can't honestly say I'd ever heard of these guys before I received this show from imageman 2005, but I thought it sounded interesting enough to prepare/share with everyone here on DIME. They're kind of mellow, kind of jazz-tinged...very multi-genre to my ears.

Per (Source:

"ALO got its start as a nine-piece, brass-fueled Santa Barbara jam band, with the suitably unwieldy name The Animal Liberation Orchestra and the Free Range Horns. But when Zach Gill, Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams returned to their hometown of San Francisco, they formed a stripped-down version of the group with their college friend and drummer, David Brogan. These days, the band records for its friend Jack Johnson's Brushfire label and mixes jam-rock, jazz, folk and pop.

The band recorded its new album, Man of the World, at Johnson's home studio in Oahu, and the resulting sound is appropriately laidback. Mostly recorded live in the studio, the new finds a comfort zone throughout, settling on an easygoing California sound that's well suited to cafes and convertibles alike."

Note: NPR offers a streamed version of this concert at the website listed above, but it's not the "complete" show (as they claim) since it excludes the encore included here.

If you're into this group and appreciate seeing this show posted, please post a comment on the board.

01. Show intro
02. Barbeque
03. States Of Friction
04. Big Appetite
05. I Love Music
06. Man Of The World
07. The Champ
08. Try
09. Maria
10. Encore break
11. Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down

Running time: Approx. 51 minutes

Note: Tracks 10 and 11 were not recorded by

Edirol R09-HR (with Sony mic ECM CS10) > WAV > > CD Wave (for tracking) > Nero wave editor** > FLAC FrontEnd (SB-aligned) > FLAC

** Editing (of WAV files):

1) Used Nero's wave editor to add a small fade-in on the first track and a small fade-out on the last track.

2) There were 4 small skips present in Track 1 that were removed

If you like the show, please post a comment on the show's board. It takes a lot longer to record and share a show than it does to download one. And once again please consider thanking imageman2005 for recording and sharing this nice show with all of us.

Recorded and generously donated by imageman2005,
prepared and uploaded on DIME by TheCommish
May 2010