An Almost New Years Bluegrass Bash

(Hint, you can move windows media players' timeline pointer to the end to skip to part 2, Vassar)

My Father's Place
Old Roslyn,NY
December 30,1977

Early Show

Cd1 Peter Rowan & Tex Logan

1-Texican Badman
2-Cantina Carlotta > What Of Alicia
3-Mississippi Moon > Old And In The Way > Hobo Song
4-The Red Sox Are Winning > The Great American Eagle Tragedy > Waiting For Elijah
5-Tex Logan Intro
7-Top Pop Star
8-Midnight Moonlight
9-Sweet Moments
10-Sally Goodin'
11-Land Of The Navajo

Late Show

Cd2 Peter Rowan & Tex Logan

1-Texican Badman > Free Mexican Air Force
2-Outlaw On The Run > Holy Roller Rock And Roll Arrow
4-Hobo Song
5-Oh My Love
6-Home To You
7-Tex Logan Intro
8-Big Ball In Town
9-Midnight Moonlight
10-Land Of The Navajo
11-Panama Red

Cd3 Vassar Clements Band

2-Band Intros
3-Sweet And Sassy
4-White House Blues
5-Osh Kosh
7-Boogie In The Barnyard
10-Runnin' Blue
11-Don't Mess With My Funk
13-Peter Rowan & Tex Logan Intro/Tuning

Cd4 Vassar Clements Band ( Cont.)

1-Dog House Blues
2-A Good Woman's Love
4-San Antonio Rose
5-Pig In A Pen
6-Wild Horses
8-Will The Circle Be Unbroken
10-Orange Blossom Special

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