A Night at the Fillmore West, January 23, 1970

Zephyr - Albert King - Lee Michaels
Fillmore West, San Francisco, USA, 1970-01-23*
*Actually could be from January 22, 23, 24, or 25.
Since Albert King mentions the bad weather, we feel quite strongly
that it was recorded on January 23, the second night in this run of shows.

Disc #1
01. Zephyr - I'm Going Home
02. Zephyr - Unknown
03. Albert King - You Don't Love Me
04. Albert King - Every Day I Have the Blues
05. Albert King - As the Years Go Passing By

Disc #2
01. Albert King - Crosscut Saw (fragment)
02. Albert King - Stormy Monday
03. Albert King - Instrumental
04. Lee Michaels - Tell Me How Would You Feel
05. Lee Michaels - Don't Want No Woman/My Friends
06. Lee Michaels - Frosty's Solo
07. Lee Michaels - My Friends/Heighty Hi (cut off)

**If you know the song titles or band members, please share, thanks!

Total Time 65:09

Audience Tape. Reel > FLAC

I am very pleased to present this fine, recently transferred, audience
recording that captures a portion of the music made on a night at the
Fillmore West in January 1970. Those who have the poster (BG #213) will
note that Savoy Brown was the original headliner, but when they canceled,
Bill Graham brought in Lee Michaels to replace them on the bill.

Just a bit on how I acquired this tape... In 2009-10-27, I uploaded:
http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=274547 - a Lee Michaels performance
that I thought was the following: 1) a soundboard, 2) a complete show, and 3) recorded
in May 1970. This is what I had been told when I received it in a trade earlier this year.

A few days after uploading it, a feller Dime user contacted me to say that
he had actually digitized the original master reel (though he was not the taper)!
He then told me that the show I uploaded was: 1) an audience tape; 2) actually two
different shows; and 3) in unmarked boxes (i.e. dates unknown).

This initial contact sparked a week or so of email exchanges to try and figure out
when these shows were recorded. Together, by closely looking at the contents of one reel,
we were able to determine, with a fair amount of certainty that a portion of that Lee
Michaels tape I had uploaded was recorded in January 1970.

Now, thanks to the generosity of that Dime user (ldb001), I am pleased to share
with you this "Night at the Fillmore West" - a fascinating bill, a true tribute to
Bill Graham's genius, which features the superb work of Tommy Bolin and Zephyr,
blues legend Albert King, and of course the great Lee Michaels. The Zephyr and
King sets appear to be almost fully intact, while only a small portion of the Michaels
set was remains. If you grabbed the Michaels show I posted back in October, then you
have most of what's here, except the last minute or two.

Please enjoy, please share, and as always:
If you have any old Lee Michaels shows on reel tapes, PLEASE
transfer them for us to enjoy. Lee Michaels played countless shows
and music festivals, from the mid-1960s through the 1970s, and less
frequently thereafter. Surely, there must be more out there than
the few tapes that circulate. This show is a good example of a reel
tape that basically sat neglected in a box for 30+ years! If you have any tapes
or info, please contact me through Dime, or contact benupham3@comcast.net.