Average White Band
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
Seattle, WA.
October 3, 2008.

AWB is:
Alan Gorrie - Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Onnie McIntyre - Guitar, Vocals
Klyde Jones - Keyboard, Bass, Lead Vocals
Fred ' Freddy V' Vigdor - Saxes, Keyboards, Vocals
Rocky Bryant - Drums

1. intro (Rob Perry)
2. Got The Love
3. Oh Maceo
4. Nothing You Can Do
5. Get It Up For Love
6. When Will You Be Mine
7. Work To Do
8. A Love Of Your Own
9. In The Beginning (Rocky solo)
10. Pick Up The Pieces
11. band intro / encore
12. Cut The Cake
13. outro (Rob Perry)

An exceptional set from an AWB thats lost none of its shine. A perfectly polished show at the best intimate venue in Seattle.


Captured by Mooner and Bear (http://www.echoeshub.com/ - lossless.echoeshub.com)

Core Sound cardioid mics
> Microtrack II - 24bit, 96kHz
> Goldwave 5.25 - master
> 16bit, 44.1kHz
> flac level 8 aligned


This recording is not for sale and must not be traded in any lossy format. Remaster for non-trade purposes only. Preserve the quality. The spice must flow.