Aaron Nevile w/Michael Feinstein
Hearst Studios
Broadcast date: 2015-02-21

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Conversation 5:46
Aaron Neville (voice, piano), "Who Will Be The One" 2:17
Conversation 2:26
Neville (excerpt), "Ting A Ling" (Nugetre)
Conversation 3:31
Neville (voice), Feinstein (piano), "This Magic Moment" (Pomus, Shuman) 4:46
Conversation 4:18
Neville (voice), Feinstein (piano), "Nature Boy" (Ahbez, Linnette) 3:02
Conversation 1:04
Neville (voice, piano), "Thousand Miles Away/Daddy's Home" (Miller, Sheppard) 4:11
Conversation 1:38
Neville (excerpt), "Be My Baby" (Spector, Greenwich, Barry)
Conversation 0:20
Neville (voice), Feinstein (piano), "Under The Boardwalk" (Resnick, Young) 2:32
Conversation 0:39
Neville (voice), Feinstein (piano), "Goodnight My Love" (Marascalco & Motola) 4:09
Conversation 0:56
Neville (voice), Feinstein (piano), "Mona Lisa" (Livingston & Evans) 3:10
Conversation 1:23
Neville (voice), Feinstein (piano, voice), "Smile" (Chaplin, Parsons, Phillips) 3:12

Total Time: 49:27

Aaron Neville has been a radio mainstay for more than five decades. Coming from a musical family in New Orleans, he got his start singing with The Neville Brothers and had his first No. 1 R&B hit in 1966 with "Tell It Like It Is."

Neville moves easily through musical genres � including pop, country, soul, R&B and doo-wop � and has earned three Grammy Awards for his duets with Linda Ronstadt and Trisha Yearwood. His album I Know I've Been Changed served as a message of hope to the world after Hurricane Katrina struck his hometown.

Neville's latest album, My True Story, recaptures the iconic sounds of the doo-wop era. On this episode of Song Travels, he blends his silky-smooth voice with the piano and vocals of host Michael Feinstein, as they perform renditions of "This Magic Moment" and "Smile."