Ab Baars Trio with Ken Vandermark
Jazzclub Unterfahrt im Einstein, Munich (Germany)
October 10, 2007

A very nice concert of the Trio from Ab Baars, who currently are touring in Europe with Ken Vandermark. Sound quality of this one is above my usual average (so it is B+ at least). The usual samples are included in the comment section. The audience (about 40-50 persons), was willing to listen to some unusual compositions/improvisations this time (which isn't always a common fact at this venue, as I noticed in some of my earlier posts) with touches to jazz as well as contemporary music.
The group played some compositions (based on some notated material, but with enough space to improvise as well), which titles (except for the encore) all were announced by Ab Baars. The concert also featured 4 new compositions by Ken Vandermark (mentioned at Ken Vandermark's Notes From The Field on his homepage at http://www.kenvandermark.com).
According to Ab Baars, Track 10 hasn't got a title yet.

Ab Baars � tenorsax, clarinet, shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute)
Ken Vandermark � tenorsax, clarinet
Wilbert de Joode � bass
Martin van Duynhoven � drums

CD1 (first set) (total time 57:33)
01 Intro Unterfahrt (1:16)
02 Waltz Four Monk (Ken Vandermark) (8:37)
03 When He Wirled About (10:37)
04 A Portrait Of Straws (5:41)
05 A Portrait Of Honest John (9:06)
06 Memory Moves Forward (Ken Vandermark) (8:49)
07 Band introduction by Ab Baars (0:53)
08 Vonski (12:28)

CD2 (second set) (total time 55:11)
09 tuning in (1:08)
10 "untitled" (7:33)
11 Return (6:47)
12 Moon Myo (4:17)
13 Goofy Junebug Forgotten Poet Morning Stomp (9:15)
14 Losing Ground (Ken Vandermark) (11:45)
15 Band introduction by Ab Baars (0:48)
16 Rather Scattered (Ken Vandermark) (8:57) (cross-fade at tape-flip at 3:29)
17 (encore) (4:35)

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