Abalone Dots
Cellar Door,Visalia,CA

Source: Edirol R-09HR(internal mics)@24bit/44.1kHz

Lineage: PC>Audacity(16bit/44.1kHz)>CDWAVE>TLH>FLAC


1. Save Me John(cuts in)
2. Under the Rain
3. Devil's Blues
4. talking
5. swedish song
6. Speak With An Evil
7. Over Georgia
8. Little Sparrow(Dolly Parton cover)
9. Ballad of Lee Mckay
10. Long Lonely Road
11. Take It Easy
12. A Simple Song
13. swedish folk song
14. The Messenger
15. intros
16. Solo
17. Traveler
18. tuning
19. Man of Constant Sorrow


Great show by a group of beautiful and talented ladies. Unfortunately a popular local country band opened up so by the time Abalone Dots came up, there was a lot of drunk cowboys and cowgirls. My recording still came out good but there's a lot of chatter during the slow songs. Thanks to the Cellar Door and Aaron at the Sound N Vision Foundation(http://www.soundnvisionmag.com/) for putting on the show.

Recorded by Tony