Abdullah Ibrahim Trio
North Sea Jazz Festival
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Lineage: CDR Trade (FM source) > WAV > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC 8, align on sector boundaries)

Abdullah Ibrahim, piano
Belden Bullock,double bass
George Gray, drums

01. Blue Bolero (4:54)
02. (7:05)
03. Duke 88 (3:40)
04. (10:08)
05. radio announcer (:05)

TOTAL TIME = 25:55

From the 2008 NSJF Program:
South African pianist Adolph Johannes "Dollar" Brand was born in Cape Town in 1934.
After his conversion to Islam in 1968, he changed his name to Abdullah Ibrahim. He was
only 15 years old when he set out on his career as a professional pianist. In 1959 he
performed with the group Jazz Epistles on Jazz in Africa, the first jazz album recorded
in South Africa. In 1962 he left his homeland and ultimately took up residence in
New York. The magic of Ibrahim lies in his capacity to blend the rhythms and colors of
South Africa with jazz improvisation. In 1964, Duke Ellington was so impressed by one
of the South African's live concerts that he immediately arranged for a recording that
resulted in the album Duke Ellington Presents The Dollar Brand Trio. Ibrahim's compositions
have been arranged for large orchestras and he has even written film scores including for
the well-known French film Chocolat. However, it is when playing with a trio that his true
musical identity is best expressed.